Core team and contact

MENA.SE’s staff and associates cover a wide array of issues, speak the region’s languages and have lived and worked in the region. We strive to further evolve personal networks and to strengthen professional cross-border contacts.


Marianne Laanatza is an area specialist in history, politics, and economy on the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Turkey. She has a long engagement in emperical conflict research, and is also an expert on International Trade Policy, Custom Unions, Free Trade Agreements, and other Preferential Arrangements on the regions mentioned above as well as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Laanatza has as a Senior Lecturer and Researcher been associated to Lund University, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies and Ph.D. candidate, and to Stockholm University.

Laanatza is also a consultant both on International Trade Policy issues, and on Empirical Political-Economical Risk Analyses for governments, international organizations, NGOs and the private sector.


Liza Stålnacke has an extensive work experience as a project manager within information, marketing, events, and communications. 

She has a BA in Political Sciance, that also includes interdisciplinary MENA-studies. She has also included studies in History, Geography, Social- and Religions studies.

She started her MA in Midle East and North African Studies at Stockholm University in 2021 and is writing her MA-thesis in the spring of 2023, were she is looking at the image of the MENA-region in contemporary teaching materials for the Society orientated subjects in Swedish upper secondary school.

Liza has a special interest in the Lebanese political system and the conflicts in the surounding Levant. 

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